Organ Donation and Organ Procurement

Organ Donation

Cadaveric donation allows surgeons to recover an organ from a brain-dead individual whose family is consulted to obtain their permission for organ donation.

Living donation can be used for a kidney transplant, with organs being donated from a family member or a close personal friend. In the case of live liver donation, a portion of the liver from the living donor is removed; for kidney donation, the living donor donates one kidney. With living donation, better matches almost always come from family members. For the patient, this also means there is less chance of rejection of the new organ. Living donation also helps to remove the waiting time for an organ to become available.

The living donor can lead a normal, healthy and long life after donating.

Organ Procurement

The Southern California Organ Procurement Organization is OneLegacy at  For more information on organ donation, please visit or United Network for Organ Sharing,