Patient Info

The process of organ transplantation is just that: a process. In order to gain an understanding of what will happen before, during and after organ transplantation, we have created the information you will find on these pages. This process includes evaluating your physical and mental health, as well as preparing you for all that will follow. You will learn how organs are donated, about the listing process, what to expect during your wait for an organ and about immunosuppression therapy (medications taken to keep your body from rejecting the new organ).

It is our hope that being prepared will also assist you in better understanding organ transplantation and the process you will go through to achieve a healthier life.

We encourage you to ask questions, and we encourage you to read this information carefully in order to be more informed when the time comes for you or a loved one to go through the process of organ transplantation.

Consultations & Evaluations
The Listing Process
Waiting for an Organ
Organ Donation and Organ Procurement
Surgery, Recovery and Going Home

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