Ear Surgery

Being hard of hearing or feeling off-balance are two of the most common ear disorder symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms come and go; at other times, they linger. Either way, they may be an indication of a serious acute or chronic medical condition.

Serious Symptoms
Anyone who experiences a serious ear infection, deafness or ear pain should seek an evaluation right away. If surgical intervention is required, a highly skilled and experienced surgical team is available at St. Vincent Medical Center. Our Ear Surgery Service provides a wide range of surgical options for people with complicated hearing disorders.

Dedicated Operating Rooms and ICU
As a specialty surgery department, Ear Surgery and Neurosurgery share specially equipped operating suites and an intensive care unit (ICU) located inside the Doheny Wing.

Surgeons Who Operate at St. Vincent Medical Center
The Neurotologists and Neurosurgeons at the House Clinic, renowned worldwide for cutting-edge practices, perform complex surgeries at St. Vincent Medical Center. They are among the brightest and best at treating patients with hearing and balance problems as well as complex tumors both benign and malignant.

The House Clinic, located adjacent to St. Vincent Medical Center, is an outpatient facility where patients go for pre- and post-operative care. For more than 60 years, the House Clinic has led the way in treating the causes of hearing and balance disorders.

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