Dr. Mobin Defines Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

  St. Vincent Spine Institute Neurosurgeon Fardad Mobin, MD, FAANS is quoted in Becker’s Spine Review on the topic of minimally invasive spine surgery. Originally Published in Becker’s Spine Review June 21, 2012     10 Spine Surgeons on Defining Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Here are 10 spine surgeons discussing their thoughts on what constitutes minimally invasive spine surgery. Ask …

Dr. Sohal Talks About the Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

St. Vincent Spine Institute specialist Jennifer Kaur Sohal, MD talks about the importance of a good night’s sleep for caregivers. It’s all part of keeping one’s back in good shape. http://nextavenue.org/article/2012-05/keep-caregiving-taking-toll-your-back

Dr. Lim Cautions About the Misuse of Epogen

SVMC hematologist/oncologist Eduardo Lim, MD talks to the media about the misuse of Epogen (erythropoetin) among some athletes who inject it to increase their red blood cell count, essentially as a performance enhancement drug.

Dr. El Asmar Warns About Drug-resistant Gonorrhea

  Gonorrhea is a troublesome sexually transmitted disease. With overuse of antibiotics, there are now drug-resistant strains of gonorrhea going around. SVMC internist Imad El Asmar, MD explains this to the public on Ch. 62 (EstrellaTV – Noticias 62)

St. Vincent ER Doctor Explains Typhus Scare

St. Vincent Medical Center ER physician Sanjeev Seth, MD talks about symptoms of typhus, the major route of bacterial transmission via fleas, and the possibility of person-to-person contagion. There has been a small outbreak of typhus in Orange County recently.

St. Vincent Medical Center hosts the first annual Hepatitis Testing Day press conference, an event organized by hepatitis B outreach groups and backed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The mission of the Asian Pacific Liver Center (APLC) at St. Vincent Medical Center is to screen the community for hepatitis B, vaccinate people against the virus, and …