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St. Vincent Medical Center


 St. Vincent Medical Center


When you or a loved one needs neurosurgery, you want to be in the expert hands of our highly skilled and nationally recognized neurosurgeons. At St. Vincent Medical Center, teams of surgeons, specialists and nurses are here to provide you with the advanced, compassionate care you need, right in downtown Los Angeles.

Our comprehensive program features:

  • Latest, most effective treatments: Our surgeons are experienced and skilled at performing multiple advanced surgeries. We are leaders in using minimally invasive procedures to remove skull base tumors through the nose. We are also the largest center in the United States performing auditory brainstem implantation, the surgical implantation of a device used to restore hearing.
  • Advanced skull based tumor care: We offer patients the latest, most comprehensive treatments for skull base tumors, including minimally invasive procedures. Our team leads the country in treating acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor in the ear that can cause hearing loss, ringing and dizziness.
  • Expertise: We partner with experienced neurosurgeons from House Clinic, a nationally recognized facility located across the street from St. Vincent. Our teams work together, drawing on each other’s expertise to provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • Experience treating a wide variety of neurological disorders: In addition to skull base tumors, the experts at St. Vincent are experienced in treating a diverse list of other conditions including vascular disease, spine disorders and stroke.
  • Dedicated ICU: Our patients receive care in an advanced, dedicated intensive care unit. That means constant treatment from an expert support staff specially trained in the needs of patients who have undergone neurosurgery.

Neurological Conditions We Treat

We provide expert surgical treatment for many complex conditions affecting your nervous system.

  • Vascular disease: Affects your body’s arteries, veins and capillaries
  • Pituitary conditions: Affect the pituitary gland at the base of the brain
  • Cranial nerve disorders: Impairments that interfere with brain function
  • Stroke: Occurs when blood stops flowing to your brain
  • Carotid artery stenosis: A narrowing of your carotid arteries
  • Degenerative spine conditions: A variety of disorders that damage the spine over time
  • Cervical spine disorders: Conditions affecting your spine

Expert Neurosurgical Treatment

We understand that when it comes to neurosurgery, you want care from the best. That is exactly what you get at St. Vincent. Our highly distinguished neurosurgeons are experts in performing a variety of surgeries such as:

Skull base surgery

Working with House Neurosurgical Associates, we are pioneers in the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques. These techniques use an endoscope, a thin, flexible tube, to remove tumors through the nose. These minimally invasive procedures offer our patients alternatives to a traditional, open approach. Minimally invasive surgery also has benefits like smaller incisions, a shorter recovery time and lower risk of infection.

We also offer traditional skull base surgeries at St. Vincent to access lesions and tumors located in different parts of the brain. These are very complex surgeries. Our surgeons have an expertise in performing these delicate procedures and are careful to protect the healthy surrounding brain tissue while removing the tumor.

Pituitary surgery

Endoscopic pituitary surgery is the most common method used to remove tumors from the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain. At St. Vincent, our surgeons are highly adept at performing this minimally invasive procedure.

Spinal fusion

Spinal fusion is a surgery that joins together two or more vertebrae and can offer relief from painful symptoms caused by advanced degenerative spine disease and tumors. At St. Vincent, we perform this surgery with excellent outcomes.

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