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Seton Coastside


 Seton Coastside

Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)

Seton Coastside, a part of the Verity Health System, offers skilled nursing care to 116 inpatient residents year-round.

Our dedicated staff, of interdisciplinary healthcare team professionals, provides excellent, comprehensive healthcare that is both compassionate and attentive to the whole person’s body, mind, and spirit. At Seton Coastside, our values of respect and caring for every resident and unshakable commitment to provide quality health services serves as our guide. We pride ourselves in offering a warm, caring, and nurturing nursing facility. Verity Health System and the staff of our facility are proud of the care we provide to our residents. Our facility is accredited by the California Department of Health Services.

Our Interdisciplinary Healthcare Team

Our Medical Staff

The physician is responsible for directing the resident’s care while in the hospital. The physician oversees treatments and medications and coordinates special procedures with other physicians and ancillary services.

Our Nursing Staff

Many of our staff live on the Coast and are committed to the community.

  • The Director of Nursing Services and the Nurse Manager of Administrative Services provide leadership and encourage the staff to greater excellence and innovation by promoting high standards of care. A strong orientation and continuing education program assures that the nursing staff, at all levels, maintains a high level of knowledge and skill.
  • The Assessment Coordinator assists in assuring that the Center complies with patient care regulations. The coordinator leads the Interdisciplinary Care Conference providing residents, their families and staff an opportunity to review the care plan and participate with the resident’s care. The Infection Control Coordinator is able to work closely with all of the staff in maintaining a healthy work environment and home for the residents.

Emergency and Acute Care

Of incredible benefit to our residents, Seton Coastside provides a standby Emergency Department, with a physician on site 24 hours a day. A registered nurse works on every shift as well as our highly skilled Administrative Nurse Supervisor. If a resident needs emergency treatment or a higher level of care, they may be spared the discomfort and trauma of an ambulance ride to a tertiary facility. Our residents are often able to be treated in the Emergency Department.

All of the nursing staff, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses and certified nursing assistants are committed to and demonstrate a high degree of dedication, devotion and knowledgeable compassion to our residents. The staff goes far beyond simply giving medications and treatments; they actively listen to the needs of our residents and make every effort to meet them. Every day our residents find a smile, a hug or a gentle touch to make their lives a little better.